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For $2194 USD, 2241 euro, 2039 GBP 

Embrace the wind of fashion change by adding a touch of glam to your everyday casual outfits with this sparkly Manolo Blahnik Hangi Clutch.

Manolo Blahnik honestly believes that every woman deserves a jewel in her hand and this Hangi Swarovski Silk Clutch is just all about that. Beautifully and meticulously crafted from luxurious black silk satin, this bag is best accessorized over the famous Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi pumps.

As if especially made for a real-life Carrie Bradshaw, this bag is adorned and encrusted with sparkly Swarovski crystals. Aside from its satin and crystal details, this particular Manolo Blahnik’s piece also features a structured box design to keep your things organized. It also has an easy magnetic fastening for easy access, while its optional chain shoulder strap is perfect for shoulder carrying. However, you can still opt to carry it by the hand.

Measuring 15 x 15 x 7 (W x H x D) cm and is priced $2194 USD, 2241 euro, 2039 GBP.






For $2194 USD, 2241 euro, 2039 GBP via Farfetch


For $2194 USD, 2241 euro, 2039 GBP via Farfetch


For $2194 USD, 2241 euro, 2039 GBP

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What’s on Your Holiday Wish List?

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Christian Louboutin So Kate Strass Swarovski Crystal Pumps

Now that your holiday shopping is (hopefully) complete, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re hoping to find under the tree. When people ask me what I want, I always draw a blank, but once I really start thinking long and hard, well, the list never really ends. I’ve already shown you all my wish list, but now it’s time to turn things over to you.

We are dying to know what you’re asking for this year! Maybe it’s that pair of pumps you’ve been eyeing for months but never wanted to splurge on, or maybe it’s a pair of boots that feels like it would perfectly complete your collection. Maybe you’re craving a new pair of slip-on sneakers or comfy flats this year, but whatever it may be, share your list with us in the comments.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Strass Swarovski Crystal Pumps for $3,945 via Saks

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