Hermès Sling Bags: Jypsiere

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It seems anything with sangles is mouth watering.

Jypsiere 34

The Jypsiere, much like the So Kelly, are one of the several bags that Hermès allows you to buy online, or see displayed in store. And, because they have the sangles – those two flapping leather strips that have metal plates at the tip that one would use to belt the bag closed – it makes the bag unmistakably Hermès.

Jypsieres come in three varying sizes. Jypsiere 34, 31, and 28, representing the centimeters in width, and allowing multiple sizes for various needs of bag loving people like you and me.Jypsiere 31

As is with many Hermès bags, its complicated enclosures make it difficult to go in and out of. This sling bag has a front flap and closes with the belt sangles. So quick in-and-out of the bag is almost impossible if it’s closed up. So for breezier bag lovers, this might have too may bells and whistles.Jypsiere 28

Jypsieres are full leather bags, so the interiors are lined with leather too. They come with a zippered pocket, and two hanging pockets for other odds and ends, like a cellphone and a wallet.Jypsiere Interior

The Jypsiere is a lovely bag. One easier to get than the ever elusive Birkin for sure.

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Hermes Jypsiere Bag in Bi Color

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It doesn’t come often that the Hermes Jypsiere Bag is available in ‘bi-color’ and I mean ‘the right combination of colors’. Usually the Hermes Jypsiere’s are designed in single colors, which I belief, are gorgeous too.

But take this saddle-inspired handbag, partly made in mallard green and turquoise. It’s an excellent shoulder bag for this season, which basically goes great with almost everything.

We should never forget that the Jypsiere Bag is inspired by the iconic Kelly Tote, with its structured shape and tinier size. It was released in 2008 as a casual version of the Kelly Bag with a shoulder strap. That’s why you recognized the Kelly Clasp on the front.

Crafted from Taurillon Clemence leather, refined with silver hardware, measuring 28 x 22 x 12.5 (L x H x D) in cm, priced at €5450 euro or 4980 GBP via Hermes e-store.




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