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If Maleficent and Snow White’s evil stepmother bear a heart, they would be as black and as dark as charcoal. With this picture in mind, are you willing to rock a fashionable black heart shoulder bag without looking all too evil and vile?

Well, well, Marc Jacobs just recently released this lovable Black Leather Heartbag Shoulder Bag and we completely fell in love with it at first glance. This structured heart-shaped bag has a handle at the top for easy carrying if you don’t feel like wearing it cross-body with its detachable shoulder strap with lanyard clasp fastening.

It is glamorous, fashionable and feminine all at the same time, perfect for late night dinners.

The two-way zip closure with oversized leather pull-tab also allows easy access especially if you’re in a hurry to get your essentials.

It measures 6.75’ x 5.5’ x 2.75’ (L x H x W) inches and is reasonably priced around $186 USD via SSENSE.




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Marc Jacobs Suede Mini Trouble Bag

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A new style from Marc Jacobs Special Bag Collection, the Trouble Bag is the brand’s version of a classic shoulder bag – with a sleek angular box bag shape, contrasted by a perfectly round closure and finally accented with sixty diamond cut palladium chain. Practical yet beautiful.

The Marc Jacobs Trouble Bag is inspired by the sophisticated lady bags of the 1960’s, though small, it’s made with luxurious leather lines that comes with four compartments. There is also exclusively, an engraved silver mirror inside, a traditional staple from the early MJ collections. Each mirror comes with a matching leather pull and the fashion brand’s logo – it’s charming, playful and useful, the Trouble bag is truly a girl’s best friend.

The leather is carefully picked, an exceptional butterly soft calfskin leather, it’s also made from suede, which is famous because of its silky and velvety touch. The bag can be carried in numerous ways as it comes with a convertible chain.

The Marc Jacobs Trouble Bag has already been released, but the mini version is new. I love how it can be used as an everyday accessory, a modernized vintage item. Measuring 5.5’ x 6.5’ x 2’ (H x W x D) in inches, priced at $1,410 USD.




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New Marc Jacobs All In One Quilted Shoulder Bag

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Now read carefully about what we’re going to share, it’s as important as eating your breakfast before work. And after you read it, it’s like finding a $100 dollar bill or discovering an-only-today 75% off on-everything at your favorite shopping mall.

You know how much ‘we’ (yes, you and I) love quilted handbags. At our PS Quilted Mini PS11 handbag, we explained that there is magic in ‘quilted’, it just looks so luxurious, feminine and worth our investment. Though the PS11 was not entirely quilted, to be honest only its front flap, but we have found a handbag that is. It’s the Marc Jacobs All In One Quilted Shoulder Bag, but there is more…

First, it’s in black. Black and quilted are the perfect partners to spurt words out like classic and timeless. It got diamond patterns from the front to the back. Then it’s refined with golden hardware, what glamorous! But the gold is not like exaggerated glittering, but it got a touch of vintage, as well as the bag. It looks a bit like used, but that’s the style right?

Here’s why it’s called the ‘All In One’ Bag, listen carefully. It got:

– Two internal compartments
– Zippered center pocket
– Slot pocket
– 8 credit card slots on the front and even on the back wall

It’s an everyday handbag that’s made with structured interior and a lot of space.

Crafted from goat leather, a material that’s smooth and durable. The shoulder strap is detachable, measuring 7.25’ x 9’ x 1.25’ (H x W x D).


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Celebs Prepped for the Met Gala with Great Bags from Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs and More

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Are Fake Marc Jacobs Bags Worth It? Pros And Cons!

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Are fake Marc Jacobs bags worth it? Well, the answer is not as simple as it is with Tory Burch replica handbags or knockoff Coach handbags. I love this brand and the man behind it but I need to explain why I asked this is the first place.

Fake Marc Jacobs Bags Pros and Cons

It’s not always about the design of the bags but also about the costs. And things are very different with old and new Marc Jacobs styles.

Are All Fake Marc Jacobs Worth It?

First of all, if you have some experience with replica sites and have ever been interested in buying fake Marc Jacobs bags, you probably noticed that they are not easy to find. Very few sites carry Marc Jacobs bags and not more than just a few styles. But have you ever wondered why? It’s actually very simple!

The thing with authentic Marc Jacobs bags is that they are pretty cheap already. For example, you can find some of them on Ebay for 250 USD or less and a good replica would cost just about that as well. If you want cheap replica, they won’t last because they are not made of real leather. But if you want a good Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal bag for example, then you won’t be able to find it for much less than $200!

The same reason applies to other brands such as Michael Kors or Coach. The prices of the authentic bags are already low and to make quality replica bags would imply high costs, so the profits would actually be very low for replica sellers. Of course, you can always buy fake Marc Jacobs bags off sites like but is that a risk you are ready to take? If you think that a $50 replica will look great, I can’t do anything to stop you from buying, but I totally wouldn’t recommend you to do that unless you really like the style of the bag and don’t care about its similarity to the authentic when it comes to details. Because if you want it to be really cheap and really similar to the authentic at the same time…then you’re in for a big disappointment.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Line

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bags

Old vs New Marc Jacobs Bags

There is a good reason why old bag models such as the Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal were so affordable. The Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal bag was part of the Marc By Marc Jacobs line, his ready-to-wear line. Marc by Marc Jacobs started in 2001 and its main target were younger buyers, which is why the bags were so affordable compared to other designer bags.

Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Natasha Bird Bag

Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Bag from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Line

Newer Marc Jacobs bags like the Incognito bag or the Trouble bag on the other hand are part of the luxury line and are priced accordingly. These are the fake Marc Jacobs bags that are worth it in my opinion. The popular Incognito is more than $2000, so buying a replica instead would make much more sense than in the case of the also very popular Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Natasha bag.

Marc Jacobs Incognito Tote

Marc Jacobs Incognito Bag Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

I don’t know if you girls know the Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 collection but it included some really expensive bags made of alligator leather that were priced at $40.000. So I wouldn’t advise you to start looking for a replica of these bags anytime soon. Not only that fake Marc Jacobs bags are not popular enough for you to have enough choices but exotics in general are really difficult to replicate. So better stick to regular leather instead.


Marc Jacobs Exotic Leather Bags

So are fake Marc Jacobs bags worth it? It depends. If you are looking for older styles that were part of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line, then the answer is probably no. Unless you can’t find the original anymore and you really like the design of the bag. If you are looking for newer styles, then sure, it makes all the sense in the world!

Marc Jacobs is an amazing designer and artist and his era at Louis Vuitton was the best in my opinion. I sometimes joke around and call him my fashion husband but he really is a fashion genius! So I say that fake Marc Jacobs are definitely worth our attention. Just hope replica manufacturers and sellers will also agree and make more replicas for this brand in the future!

How do you girls feel about this brand and what are your favorite fake Marc Jacobs bags ever?

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Marc Jacobs Ignoti Bag

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Before we go into the little details of the Marc Jacobs Ignoti Bag, we want to tell you the difference between Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Some people already know, but Marc Jacobs’s bags are a more expensive due to better leather and craftsmanship.
And so, here we present the Marc Jacobs Ignoti Bag, which is an addition to the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2014 Collection. One stitch at a time, this tote is entirely made by hand, put together with exactly 124 parts. Chic and feminine, but still practical to use for casual days and the weekends. It comes with a padlock and a locker, both attached on a strap. The front comes with a zip pocket and it’s made with two handles, tighten with a buckle strap.
The interior has more than enough space to hold your essentials, the sides looks like expandable wings, which is made to give extra space whenever it’s needed. The Marc Jacobs Ignoti Bag is available in three different leather – the most expensive ones; alligator, in textured leather or smooth leather.
Measuring 13.5’ x 10.75’ x 9.0.


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