Hermes Evelyne Sellier Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Hermes Evelyne Sellier Bag. This new version of the Evelyne bag was first released for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2016 Collection. The Evelyne Sellier is made of Hunter cowhide leather and featured a new embossed H logo, instead of the signature perforated as seen on the original Evelyne. The bag is closed with a small leather flap and a press stud. It comes with an adjustable Wooly shoulder strap and palladium-plated silver hardware. The interior is unlined with a flat pocket, while the exterior also has a flat back pocket. Available in two sizes, 29 and 33.

Style, Price & Size




Hermes Evelyne Sellier 29 Bag €3,200.00 11.4″ L x 11.8″ H x 3.9″ P
Hermes Evelyne Sellier 33 Bag €3,550.00 13″ L x 12.2″ H x 3.1″ P

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Hermès Sling Bags: Jypsiere

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It seems anything with sangles is mouth watering.

Jypsiere 34

The Jypsiere, much like the So Kelly, are one of the several bags that Hermès allows you to buy online, or see displayed in store. And, because they have the sangles – those two flapping leather strips that have metal plates at the tip that one would use to belt the bag closed – it makes the bag unmistakably Hermès.

Jypsieres come in three varying sizes. Jypsiere 34, 31, and 28, representing the centimeters in width, and allowing multiple sizes for various needs of bag loving people like you and me.Jypsiere 31

As is with many Hermès bags, its complicated enclosures make it difficult to go in and out of. This sling bag has a front flap and closes with the belt sangles. So quick in-and-out of the bag is almost impossible if it’s closed up. So for breezier bag lovers, this might have too may bells and whistles.Jypsiere 28

Jypsieres are full leather bags, so the interiors are lined with leather too. They come with a zippered pocket, and two hanging pockets for other odds and ends, like a cellphone and a wallet.Jypsiere Interior

The Jypsiere is a lovely bag. One easier to get than the ever elusive Birkin for sure.

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For women who are always chasing after the latest designer handbags, take a look at the new Hermes Col Roule Bag.

An Hermes bag in crosswise H weave canvas, made from calfskin and Hunter cowhide, this accessory right here is a perfect companion for quick meet ups with your girl friends.

This bag matches perfectly with your winter coat as it feels warm and fuzzy, but the color is ideal for the summer as well. And as you know, the design is timeless, you can always keep it in your wardrobe and take it out whenever you feel to.

With its thin handle held by silver and palladium plated bridle rings, this Hermes Col Roule Bag is perfect for easy hand carrying. And ladies, this one right here comes in handy whenever you’re on a hasty make up shopping spree such when you run out of your favorite lipstick as you can easily stash it inside this bag since it has no any zipper.

Adorned with palladium plated Clous de Selle “Hermes Paris” this stylish bag right here also has a shoulder strap so you can easily carry it by the shoulders.

Measuring 10” x 21” x 5” and is priced $3475 USD via Hermes boutiques.



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Hermes Col Roule Bag Collection

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Hermes Col Roule Bag 2017 Hermes Col Roule Bag Collection

Hermes Col Roule Bag fit perfectly with Your winter coat like it felt warm and fuzzy, but the color is ideal for summer as well. Hermes Col Roule Bag decorated with Palladium plated Clous de Selle “Paris Hermes” bags-here also has a shoulder strap so you can easily take him by the shoulders. Hermes Col Roule Bag made from calfskin and cowhide Hunter, these accessories right here is the perfect companion for a quick meet up with Your girl friends. And as you know, timeless design, you can always keep it in your wardrobe and take it out whenever you feel.

Hermes Col Roule Bag Collection Hermes Col Roule Bag CollectionHermes Col Roule Bag Hermes Col Roule Bag Collection

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Vibrant colors and zigzag prints are dominating the Hermes Fall Winter 2017 Runway. New bags and fresh designs are captivating us and at the same time, triggering our bag obsession. Meet the next collection of Hermes bags and be prepared for the upcoming hunt.


What is this? The upgrade-version of the Bolide Bag. Remember the shape and the handle? These bags will come in different designs like zigzag and tropical prints but as well as bi-colors or tri-colors. The perfect everyday bag has been again perfected for casual carry.


A new shoulder bag was presented on the runway. Though what you’re spotting above is in solid color, but do expect a lot of variation of it, including multiple color choices. With its minimalistic design, the true craftsmanship lies on the sophisticated lock. It comes with a front flap and leather strap as well.


As Hermes says; ‘Can you handle this?’. So these are lovely Hermes Kelly Bags with zigzag handles in multicolor. Just remember that they are only available in the next season, so once they’re gone, they might be gone forever. And if you’re a collector item, wouldn’t be nice to have something unique in your wardrobe?















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How about an early Christmas gift because you deserve it? Hermes has unleashed another elegant bag called the Baton de Craie Shoulder Bag. And here’s what we know…

If you are familiar with Hermes leather goods, this falls in line with the Toolbox and Bolide Bag. The design is clean and minimal while all the attention is given to the jewel-like clasp in the center.

For those that have been following us, we’ve actually released the pochette version very early on. It’s called the Hermes Baton de Craie Pochette and has basically the same shape and clasp. However, the shoulder bag version is a bit longer and features an easy leather strap for cross body carry.

With its feminine and beautiful round-shape, this bag was first-introduced on the Fall Winter 2016 Runway and should be available in store right now. So check with your SA for more info.

The interior, prices and sizes will follow soon; let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


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