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Are you looking for a unique Chanel piece to own? Look no further as Chanel is definitely hearing your plead. Released for Chanel Spring Summer 2017 Collection Act 2, this Boy Chanel All-Black Quilted Flap Wallet is definitely a style statement you don’t want to miss.

Made from iridescent grained lambskin leather and black metal, the Boy Chanel Quilted Flap Wallet is one-of-a-kind since it comes in an All-Black edition. What does it exactly mean? Well it means that the leather is black as well as the hardware. This right here is a diamond in the rough, a rare design worth having if you’re a collector of all things lovely.

What’s more? Flap Wallets are Chanel’s most famous wallet picks; they’re hunting everywhere and belongs to the permanent collection. The All-Black designs make it more valuable.

Style code: A80286, measuring 4.1” x 7.6” x 1.2” inches, priced at $1000 USD, €985 euro, £870 GBP, $1580 SGD, $1510 AUD, $7800 HKD, ¥124200 JPY, ¥7600 CNY via Chanel boutiques.


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Chanel Boy Bag Size Guide

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Ever since the debut of Chanel's Le Boy bag in Spring 2012, the bag has been an instant classic. To meet high demand, Chanel has released boy flaps in many different leathers, fabrics, colors, and sizes. The most common sizes include small, old medium, new medium and large. And, the most difficult decision when purchasing your first Chanel boy bag is what size to get!

How Much Will It Hold?

chanel le boy flap handbag purse bag size comparison dimension guide

The first thing to consider when shopping for a classic boy bag is how much you'll need the bag to carry.

Small- 7.9 x 4.7 x 3.1 inches
This petite beauty will support all the essentials like a compact wallet, cellphone, keys and maybe a couple small pieces of makeup. In size, it is very similar to the classic mini bag.

Old Medium- 9.8 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches
This stunning size seems to look classic on everyone. It can hold a long wallet, cellphone, keys, charger, small tablet and several cosmetic pieces.

New Medium- 11 x 7 x 3.5 inches
The new medium can hold quite a lot and will meet most people's requirements for an everyday bag. An example of what can be contained in the new medium include: long wallet, small tablet, cellphone, keys, chargers, sunglasses, notebook, and several cosmetic pieces.

Large- 11.8 x 8.3 x 3.9 inches
The large boy is proportionally similar to the classic jumbo. For those who treat their bags like portable toolboxes, this is a great bag, because it can carry quite a bit! An example of what might be inside a large boy include: long wallet, lotions, sunglasses, notebook, small snacks, small umbrella, cellphone, keys, chargers, and many pieces of makeup.

Small vs Old Medium vs New Medium vs Large on the Body

celebrities wearing chanel small old new medium large le boy flap bag comparison

But, you know what oftentimes trumps functionality and how much a bag can hold? How cute it is! At the end of the day, a Chanel boy bag is made for beauty and to turn heads. And, there's no better way to figure out your preference with side by side comparisons of people wearing these bags!

difference of chanel boy handbag sizes being worn wearing

how different chanel boy bag sizes look on the body celeb celebrity examples

For the Le Boy flap bag style, I personally gravitate towards the small and old medium. But, only you can decide your own preference.

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If there’s only one name of a boy you shouldn’t forget in this lifetime, make sure it’s the Boy Chanel Quilted Pouch. Yes, it should never be the name of that bad boy who broke your heart. From now on, remember you always have this loyal boy who will withstand the test of time, the one who will never leave you through the good and the bad, and for sure you can find this in the Boy Chanel Quilted Pouch.

One of the most popular pouches in the fashion world, these quilted pouches from Chanel always come back in almost every collection in different colors, sizes and materials.

Turn that frown into a smile and be assured that this Boy will be there for you no matter what. In fact, it will give you a feeling of security knowing that you can rely on it anytime of the day. So stash your make up essentials and carry this with you anywhere you go whenever you feel like you need a touch up.

It is made from lambskin & ruthenium metal, style code A80571, measuring 5.9’ x 10.2’ x 1’ inches, priced at $900 USD or €810 euro

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As the popular Rihanna song goes, “shine bright like a diamond, shine bright like a diamond” so the same thing goes whenever you are spotted wearing and sashaying this beautiful Boy Chanel Denim Diamond Quilted Bag. Yes, we guarantee you that all eyes will be on you and your bag since it sure does shine bright like a little piece of a gem.

This is a Boy bag but you’ll instantly notice that the quilting is new, it’s something we’ve never seen before and we like the fashion creativity put into this newest Chanel bag.

If you compare it side by side with the Classic Flap Bag, you can definitely see the difference as this Diamond Quilted Bag features a smaller and cuter diamond quilting. And oh, you can’t also oversee the fact that it also has a new boy clasp. This one features a boy clasp that is crafted in tiny diamond quilting as well!

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We’ve previously talked about the famous Chanel Chain Around Wallet On Chain Bag, now it’s time for the Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag to shine and be the apple of everyone’s eyes so pay close attention.

The Boy Chanel Chain Around Bag is an epitome of how luxurious a Chanel bag looks like. It features the same thick diamond quilting effect but there’s added twist to this newest addition to the Chanel family. Sporting a new design, it has double chain around the edges of the front flap thus giving it more personality and style on its own.

What else does it make it shine brighter than all the rest of the Chanel quilted bags? Well, it features a new and beautiful boy clasp while the chain is also embellished on the handle. Talk about ingenuity and fashion at the same time.

This bag is priced at €5000 euro via Chanel boutiques.

READ: Chanel Chain Around Wallet On Chain Bag



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Kate is an intelligent shopper – she does her research diligently before pulling out her credit card. That’s why she came to Bragmybag to digest all the information available.

So she was hunting for the Boy Chanel Medium Quilted Flap Bag or the Chanel Classic Flap Bag. These bags are both Chanel’s iconic beauties and most of the times they’re sold-out, especially when you are looking for the timeless color black.

But fortunate for Kate she has found the bag she hunting for, though it was difficult to make a decision between the Boy Bag or the Classic Flap Bag:

‘First of all, thank you so much for maintaining such an insightful site. I did so much of my research on the page. Just yesterday, I have finally I’ve gotten my Chanel boy, medium size, in lambskin and gold hardware (€4150) in the legendary big white box and paper bag. It was a really tough decision between the classic flap and the boy. My SA Celine was so lovely! The service was awesome. The packaging is so nicely done that I don’t bear to tear open it till I return back in Singapore. I will be traveling around Europe in the next 3 weeks to hunt for the Hermes Herbag Zip. Once again, I really enjoy reading the site! Please continue to update your readers with more juicy information! Cheers!

So the Boy Chanel Medium Flap Bag in lambskin and golden hardware is now priced at €4150 euro via Chanel boutique.


A few weeks later, we received another message from Kate. She did find the Hermes Herbag Zip Bag in Lausanne, Frankfurt and Brussel but the colors and quantity were limited. And in the end she did not buy it, but she did made little purchases like the Karl Lagerfeld K Saffiano Choupette Bag. This bag is great for work or as an everyday bag. And the combination of Karl Lagerfeld, price and the quality, it is really hard to resist the temptation.




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