Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2017 Bag Collection Includes The New Collage Bag

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Presenting the Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2017 Bag Collection. The Classic City bag gets a modern update for the season, from the urban chic graffiti designs to dainty floral pattern. Polka dot, stripe and logo prints can also been seen in some of the bags. Balenciaga introduces their new bags this season, the Collage Bags. It comes in two styles, Triple and Double, these are structured top handle bags attached to each other. The Triple has a middle zip compartment, both styles includes a removable shoulder strap. Another new design is the Triangle Shoulder Bag, a flap bag with a logo engraved bar. Colors this season varies from a mix multiple colors to basics such as black, white, beige and gray.




Balenciaga Graffiti Classic City Bag $2,150.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Graffiti Classic Small City Bag $1,995.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Graffiti Address Classic City Bag $1,995.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Graffiti Address Classic Small City Bag $1,850.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Floral Print Classic Small City Bag $1,995.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Classic Small City Bag $1,795.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Blackout Small City Bag $1,995.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Grained Calfskin Blackout Small City Bag $2,395.00 (USD)




Balenciaga Floral Print Bazar Shopper S Bag $1,650.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Polka Dot Bazar Shopper S Bag $1,650.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Striped Bazar Shopper S Bag $1,495.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Striped Bazar Shopper XS Bag $1,395.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Striped Bazar Pouch Bag $595.00 (USD)

Everyday and Laundry Cabas



Balenciaga Everyday Tote Bag $1,135.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Everyday Small Tote Bag $995.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Logo Everyday XS Tote Bag $995.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Floral Print Everyday Tote Bag $1,795.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Laundry Cabas S Bag $2,250.00 (USD)

Other Bags



Balenciaga Collage Triple Bag $3,490.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Collage Double Bag $2,990.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Lock Round Medium Scarf Satin Shoulder Bag $1,850.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Lock Round Small Scarf Satin Shoulder Bag $1,550.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Crocodile Embossed Triangle Shoulder Bag $1,750.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Triangle Nano Shoulder Bag $1,595.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Case Retroviseur Metal Clutch Bag $2,395.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Grained Leather Shopping Tote Bag $1,135.00 (USD)



Balenciaga Floral Print Classic Flat Zip Pouch Bag $695.00 (USD)
Balenciaga Logo Shearling Pouch Bag $1,450.00 (USD)

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Balenciaga Blanket Bracelet

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Seen the blanket bags? Take a look at them again, but focus on the top right corner this time around and you’d notice that all items from the Blanket series come with that lambskin band which bears the embossed Balenciaga logo. Now imagine them as bracelets and you’ve pretty much got the Blanket Bracelet.

The perfect addition to the Blanket series, they are longer, thicker and wider, which makes for a pretty solid wrist accessory. The ends of the bracelet are finished in gold metallic hardware that ‘snap’ together, all due to the wonders of the magnetic clasp that keeps it secure when you need it.

Available in a variety colours, they come in 2 sizes, Small and Medium. In Singapore, 3 colours (Black, Olive and Orange) are currently retailing at their Paragon boutique for SGD420 a pop. Online, you’ll find the bracelet over on Balenciaga for USD310 and at NET-A-PORTER for USD285, but if you were to factor in shipping and taxes, you’ll probably find that getting this locally would be the best option.

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First seen in public on Balenciaga’s Spring 2017 Runway, this Balenciaga Air Hobo Bag exudes confidence and uniqueness in all angles. Mind you, it’s a BIG tote bag perfect for quick weekend travel fixes.

We have to warn you though that the Balenciaga Air Hobo Bag is not for the faint of hearts. It’s quite big that it might take all the attention but who really cares if you have such a fashionable style staple?

Okay, this bag is literally made for the busy woman as you can store all your essentials, vanity kits and paper works inside this bag. It can fit all your office documents and even your laptop!

And if ever traveling worries you because you don’t have any reliable travel bag coming to your rescue, worry not for the Air Hobo Bag is just all that. Because of its size, it’s a perfect weekend bag buddy as it fits all your bikinis, flip flops, and pajamas without a cinch!

But on the other hand, the design look quite simple and perhaps that’s the purpose. Though it’s the first-time that such design enters the high fashion world, you have to ask the question whether it’s practical. If you are large duffle bag lover, perhaps this suits your taste.

Now let’s talk more about the bag details. Honestly speaking, this bag has a Moroccan footstool inspiration and has an embossed gold Balenciaga logo on top. It also features a dual zipper closure for easy access and has an inside zip and slip pockets for compartments.

Balenciaga Air Hobo S Bag
Size: 11.7’ x 5.5’ x 11.7’ (W x H x D) in inches
Prices: $1455 USD, €1145 euro, £925 GBP, $11900 HKD, $2220 AUD, ¥171720 JPY, ¥10670 CNY

Balenciaga Air Hobo L Bag
Size: 19.5’ x 8.6’ x 18.3’ (W x H x D) in inches
Prices: $1955 USD, €1545 euro, £1245 GBP, $16000 HKD, $2985 AUD, ¥231120 JPY, ¥14390 CNY







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Balenciaga is keeping up with the bag competition and we might warn you that one of their bags might be the next big thing in the fashion industry. Without further blab, here is the Balenciaga Blanket Square Bag, which looks every inch of an ideal summer must-have.

A new design from Balenciaga, this Blanket Square Bag is too summer-y not to notice! With its printed flower design, this bag comes to the rescue to further accessorize and glam your style this coming summer season!

Previously featured in the Spring Summer 2017 Runway show, this bag is a definite style stunner with its flower blanket’s print inspiration. You can stylishly pair it over your favorite white or black dress and you’ll look fabulously good!

If you look closer, it has a side tag with embossed palladium Balenciaga logo. And if you’re a lover of all things pretty like us, you won’t miss to notice the Nappa hand-made twisted handles, which look like thin robes.

This bag also offers multi-functionality as it has a removable and adjustable cross-body strap for shoulder and cross-body carrying. And if you are after compartments, worry not for it has 2 compartments inside, 2 zip pockets, and 1 patch pocket inside for your convenience.

Measuring 59 x 47 x 22 (W x H x D) and is priced $3670 USD, €2900 euro, £2325 GBP, $30000 HKD, $5595 AUD, ¥433080 JPY, ¥27010 CNY via Balenciaga boutiques.



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Extra Odd Extra-Large Bags from Balenciaga

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When Balenciaga came out with the Bazar Shopper’s Tote, it was a highly discussed headliner. It was the glammed up version of an otherwise plastic bag you can buy off the streets of Asia.

But runway after runway, season after season, in every capsule collection, more and more of these everyday/household plastic bags in full leather form make its way to market, and Balenciaga stores.

It’s one of those love-it-or-leave-it designs that would either make you roll your eyes, or salivate with fervor. And because life is busy enough, and curiousity can take us from one handbag to another. Let’s try to have some form of a guide with what we’ve seen so far.

Bazar Shopper Extra-Largebalenciaga-bazar-shopper-extra-large-1

This bag’s been available in plastic form all over Asia. These are sold on the streets, folded neatly, with a wide zipper and a shoulder handle strap. They come in a variety of prints, but most commonly in checkered or stripes.


Thankfully Balenciaga offers varying sizes on this bag aside from the Extra Large sized ones. There are also plain colored options if the stripes put you off.  It’s definitely an interesting bag. And something that would strike me odd. Little did we know that this is just the beginning pointing us where Balenciaga wants to go, and where they’re going to take us.balenciaga-bazar-shopper-extra-large-2

These extra large Bazar Shopper is definitely a stand out, statement bag. Not just for the size, but for the whole idea of it. Why buy thousands of dollars for a bag that can be bought for a dollar? And why would handbag lovers or fashionistas want to buy one and wear one at all?

Arena Extra Large Shopper Tote


When I first saw this bag, I thought it was great that it had a top handle for the arms, and an extra set of longer handles for the shoulders. But there was something about the blue leather that felt too familiar.


IKEA has something like this! And it seems that’s where the idea came from altogether. Yet another plastic bag that costs like nothing.

Blanket Extra-Large Square Bagbalenciaga-blanket-extra-large-square-bag-1

And now, Balenciaga has decided to push a new bag from the same strand of inspiration. And this time, it’s the linen department.


The Blanket bag looks exactly what a comforter set would look like. And though there are plain leather variations of this bag and varying sizes, the flagship design is the bedroom prints, cliché in beddings. You’ve seen these before. And it strikes as odd to be a fashion statement.blanket

Balenciaga may have gotten into a brand rut with their motorcycle jacket themed bags they’ve toted around forever. Is it worth it to dish out these utilitarian luxury themed bags? Perhaps. We haven’t heard Balenciaga make waves as much as it has these past few seasons. The realy question is, would you buy one for actual use?

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Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 Bags Run the Gamut from Tidy and Tailored to Giant, Fancy Laundry Bags

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